Taboo topics in workplace that you should avoid

Your Salarysalary

Simply put, it can demoralize you or your colleagues IF you are at the losing end. You want to avoid feeling “I have the same qualification but I earn lower than her/him?”. That’s just unnecessary insecurities and problem waiting to happen.

 Your negative feelings about your boss, co-workers, clients and companywhisper-icon-5

Spreading gossip or oversharing about your negative views is a no-no in the workplace. Plus, somebody will use that information against you.  You don’t want to be seen as the toxic person and trust us when we say this, but no one is actually  interested to listen in the first place.


Sex lifesexlife

You might want to avoid discussing your sex life with your colleagues. Firstly, NO ONE wants to know. Although, it can be an “exciting” topic to discuss but lets keep it family friendly okay 😊. Remember that not everyone is open to share their sex life and remember that this topic can be misunderstood as sexual harassment (intentionally or unintentionally)

Your Religious or Spiritual Journeyreligous

This is a very personal and sensitive topic, and some people can get really offended by it. If asked about it, just keep it short and sweet. Its something private to you and youa re not obligated to share.

Your political viewspolitical

Imagine this, what will happen if your boss does not share the same political opinion views as you? Don’t you think that can affect your relationship or career advancement in the organization? Although people always say they will act professional, its almost always personal. Remember, UNDI ITU RAHSIA.

 You’re interviewing for another jobinterview

There is no reason to broadcast this information to the whole team, especially when you are going to interview for a competitor. Plus, nothing is truly set. The only wise thing to do is that when you do get the job offer, simply tender in your resignation in time and ensure your following the notice period.

Family quarrelsfamily

Family quarrels or squabbles happens to everyone but sharing the problems to your colleagues is not the best. No one needs to know the unpleasant details of your family’s quarrels. Try to hold it off until after working hours and discuss it with friends instead. Instead, talk about sports, movies or something lighter 😊