TCI (Traits & Competency Index) is a profiling and assessment tool that optimizes ones’ potential to reach greater heights and provides thorough analysis of a person. This cutting edge technology incorporates more than 30 years of research on millions across the globe.


HCR Malaysia caters to an array of position specifications to fit your organisation structure by providing the right talent for your staffing needs. If you would like to find out more about our talent search and recruitment services, call us or contact us online.


We design employee benefit program and strategize effective risks transfer mechanism to manage organizational’s employee risks ensuring return on human capital investment. Our analytics would enable an organization to strike a balance between effective employee benefit program and the company’s investment.

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Our business HR and Management consulting services encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines that supports the success of your Organization. We are able to provide consultation and recommend sound advice.


Let us assist you in your redundancy and restructuring exercise. We offer expertise and effective approach that delivers cost savings within tight timescales. Avoiding huge disruptions and low morals.


For an organization to achieve its goals, it is paramount that the best is derived from its workforce. We can assist with the right tools for all levels to ensure they are focused on the roles they perform and over time developed to their full potential.


The right perks and benefits in addition to salary is a means of increasing satisfaction at work and can boost staff performance translating to achievement of certain goals. Call us today for a health check of your compensation and rewards policy.


We provide professional, practical and supportive HR advice on employment disputes and provide you with an honest assessment of whether your case can be successfully pursued. Our consultants can work on-site or off-site.


To achieve sustainable competitive advantage, understanding an Organization culture and development of talents is important. HCR provides a comprehensive training approach to accommodate and advance both the personnel and the Company. Talk to us to learn how we can assist you develop your next leaders at work.