In recent years, many companies belonging to multi trillion dollar industries have been using profiling and assessment tools on their workforce to create a more sustainable and happy working environment.

TCI (Traits & Competency Index) is a profiling tool that optimizes ones’ potential to reach greater heights and provides thorough feedback and analysis of a person, the how and what in improving ones’ self. This cutting edge technology incorporates more than 30 years of research on thousands to get the best results in fitting current working trends as well as evolving human behavior.

Utilizing TCI for your organization would unlock your workforce potential based on their work traits and competencies as well as allow you to understand the psychology behind your workforce and how to drive that to a more productive working environment.  Paul Valery once said, “The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best”Here in HCR Malaysia, we understand the changing psychology and the hierarchy of needs of different generations. TCI does exactly that and more; it gathers, analyze and box the information to provide the how to in improving on one’s gaps and existing working traits. It capitalizes on the Big Five personality dimension and is differentiated from other profiling tools due to its non-duality format. This comprehensive personality and work traits indicator that has been adopted by HCR Malaysia, adds value to already existing services.

When used correctly, corporations are able to strategize their staffing solution accordingly and precisely. The information and data provided will allow them to realign their corporate structure, correctly fit position specification and all in all, resulting in a more dynamic and expanded working environment.

Trusted by many, TCI is a tool to be reckoned with especially for those corporations looking towards achieving a sustainable advantage in a highly competitive business environment. TCI is the new strategy your corporation needs to utilize.

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A few examples and illustrations of reports generated by the (TCI) Profiling Tool  

Basic Report Overview



Competency Based Assessments

For those who wish to maximize and optimize their workforce output and wants to be ahead of the rest, TCI is your answer.